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Macro Monday:: Week 13

These macro shots are starting to really grow on me. I’m 13 weeks in or a quarter of the way through this adventure and I’m having such a blast searching around for material. The next couple months I’m sure will be filled with flowers. I’m loving the spring weather! We got up to 88 in Northern Virginia today. Anyways, I’ll stop rambling and bring you this weeks image:

I wasn’t sure I had this shot nailed, with the wind and people, and honestly wish it was a bit more sharp. Overall though, I love the pinks and soft feel of the whole image. This was taken yesterday while in DC visiting the Cherry Blossoms. I had so much fun and will be sharing some of my shots with you later in the week.

*Admin Note: Yesterday I posted on Facebook and wanted to mention this change here for everyone who follows this blog and has an interest in my photo walks. Please like my nicoleinbold facebook page for further updates and events. I am going through a reorganization, which means I will not be posting these things on my personal Facebook page starting this week. Oh and don’t be alarmed that my web page isn’t working, I’m in the process of switching hosting companies, things will be back up shortly! Thank you for you patience and support!


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walkinbold: crochet coral reef

Last weekend I took the opportunity to go downtown and visit the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef. It was so overwhelming. To think over 300 people contributed to the making of this exhibit to showcase art and science in one place was amazing. With that said, I wanted to share some of my shots. I tend to experiment when I take these adventure trips, so they aren’t always perfect. I hope you enjoy!


I would also like to take this time to plug what I am calling “walkinbold.” I wanted to create an informal group for local photographers to just get out and shoot. Sometimes we get stuck, shutter block, or just feel lost. These events are designed for you to take pictures, ask questions, share your images and critique for the next event. These outings don’t cost money, as in I don’t charge anything, however there are a couple venues that do charge an admission fee. Please see my events page or like my facebook page to be alerted when events are happening. There is no pressure to go on all of them! I’ve complied a list of places with dates that I have chosen, want to see and share with you. I encourage people to make further suggestions, let me know about your favorite place to take pictures, or somewhere you have always been dying to go and lets make an event of it! Photography is a never ending learning career and hobby. We are always honing our skills. Feel free to ask questions and always bring your manual! I hope to see some you out and about!


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my favorite thing…

…and wander the places I go frequently. Happy April everyone! (The above is a print by the lovely 3LambsGraphics)

This weekend I plan to visit the DC Mall. I am so excited to see the Cherry Blossoms this year, one of my favorite events! I hope to see some of you down there soaking in some sun and the scenery. Here are a few shots from years past.

Do you have a special place that you like to revisit and wander?


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