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Macro Monday:: Week 8

I was slightly stumped this week. I think I need to get out more, I’m running out of interesting ideas, which is not good in week 8. My day job has inspired this post. I come across a lot of color, patterns and textures. I hope you enjoy!



I saved my favorite for last. The blues, purples, and yes even some yellow = LOVE!

These could have used a little more editing, but I think that takes away from the assignment a little. I’m always open to constructive criticism though!


Be Inspired. Live Boldly.

Macro Monday::Week 5

I’m still in love with yellow- I bet you couldn’t tell! Next week, I will make it my mission to photograph something other than yellow. I hope you enjoy.

For those of you who guessed lasts weeks Macro Monday, yay for commentors! Here is an update to show what I had captured.

Things to look forward to: I have posted an events page in my navbar (at the top). Please feel free to join me on any of the photowalks or crafty events. I’m sure I will add a couple more throughout the year so keep watching! I hope to see everyone out and about taking pictures and exploring the world!

UPDATE: I took the pictures of this book because I loved the colors and wanted the challenge of that small bit of color on the edge of the pages. I had not thought ahead, for those who were wondering. Either way, this book from @photojojo should be a staple of the creative minded person. I have fallen in love, and am knee deep in potential projects!

Buy the Photojojo! The Book at the Photojojo Store!

I hope to share a couple projects with you once I get them things made. I’m smitten over the handmade community right now, especially when I can utilize my ever growing stack of pictures!  So much talent and inspiration! Not to mention, this feeds my goal to buy as locally as possible and do as much with my own hands as I can. I can’t wait for the warmer weather so I can learn about farmers markets and picking my own fruit! It’s a whole new world!!

Be Inspired. Live Boldly.

Macro Monday::Week 3

It has been a hectic weekend and a fairly busy Monday, and being who I am I did not plan ahead for this post. So I’m running late, but it is still Monday!

My Macro Monday is actually a detail shot of one of my new business cards more pictures and information to come.

In other news we went to the awesome amazing IKEA this weekend. Did I mention I love this place?! We finished the major purchases for our bedroom, and finally got everything put together. My husband thought I was crazy for buying so much tissue paper this holiday season, and Christmas ornaments that weren’t going on the tree. I told him to trust my vision (not exactly 20/20), and it came out beautifully! Who needs a tree when you have a ceiling, right? I think they look much better in their new home! (Pictures are a bit dark because I was trying to show off the strand of lights instead of using the recessed lighting) So, I will start with the pile of IKEA boxes. The girls were not pleased that we took over the couch! However, we bought them an awesome towel to nest and burrow in so we are even.

Now for the reveal:

I’m going to be ordering a few prints for the walls, they are still a bit bare. I’m waiting though because I hope to be having a few photo sessions this year with my husband utilizing the wonderful talents of two awesome photographers and high school friends, Marley and Anna. I’m super excited about these, will share as they come up!

I hope you all like the new room!

Also, I finally have some dates settled for the first couple photo walks, just finishing up album sharing so we can see everyone’s images to learn and grow or just show off.

Wow, I have much to do. For now though, I’m off to bed.


Be Inspired. Live Boldly.