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An obsession…

I have a confession, and I’m not sure that anyone knows this other than my husband.

I am addicted to weddings!

Nothing in particular, well I prefer the handmade, humble, simple and very creative weddings. I have been known to sit behind my computer and “research” everything weddings related for entire Saturdays (mostly when my husband is working all day). Obsessive?! Probably, but I love it. There is so much inspiration to be found, and happy inspiration at that. The colors are wonderful, and such great ideas! As someone who is working on getting my photography out there and hopefully shooting a few weddings this season, I also frequent various blogs and browse pictures for inspiration. I still have my own style, but I like to keep up on the trends and what other people are doing, as this is the same thing the potential bride would be doing.

I also gravitate towards weddings to include the stationary, colors, themes, and color, (oh did I say that twice, I love color) because throughout the past year of really listening to my inner voice I have found that I’m genuinely hopelessly romantic. This news comes to me as a bit odd as I’ve grown up kind of a tomboy, playing in the mud, throwing balls with the guys, majoring on the trombone and in general hating all things girly. This may be me finely growing up and accepting that I’m a girl, I might as well embrace it, or me just now figuring out what I want and allowing myself to show and share it.

It has been a fun process, especially when I have a girly question, mostly about clothes or shoes and I resort to asking my husband and he is more than happy to share his styling tips with me. Which sounds odd but he loves it! With that said, here are a couple awesome sites that I frequent (click the images to go the respective sites):

100 Layer Cake is my go to site for all this inspriation! Their color board and crafty ideas are endless, easy and look amazing. I have been “redesigning” our bedroom which is looking like a lot like this website. I hope to have it finish relatively soon so I will have to show you. The photography shared on this sight is also something look up to. Not to mention the paper crafts. I was telling my husband just the other day that I would absolutley LOVE to get into Letterpress!! Anyone in the area interested or has a company andwants to show me around for a couple hours or a day I would love to watch you work!!

Another site which I could get lost in for probably days is etsy. You can search for just about anything and find some amazing photography, designs, branding, and more new and interesting blogs. Etsy is awesome inspiration!

This last sight is a new new treasure, and another one that I could seriously get tied up in. I’m not sure how to talk this one up, you will just have to browse to find out the awesomeness. You can browse but submission date, popularity or hit randomize. Be sure to check out each community!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Be Inspired. Live Boldly.

P.S. If you are getting married in the Northern Virginia area and are looking for a photographer please check out my work. I would love to talk to you about your big day, even if it is to bounce around ideas! Happy planning!!

Happy New Year

I have a lot of great plans for this coming year. A few projects to share, some photowalk adventures to be had and a whole lot of crafting!

Over the weekend I have been blog surfing, crafting, hanging out with friends, and unfortunately getting sick. So I shall make this post quick and hopefully get some rest.

There are so many great blogs out there, that I feel almost overwhelmed and sheepish to create my own. I’m still finding my voice and hopefully I can narrow a bit of what I would like to share. Thus far it seems I like to dable in just about everything crafty. Either way here are some pictures of my first craft session of the new year.

I am in love with the golden, curry yellow right now, paired with a creamy white and kraft paper brown or a light earthy grey.  These are simple to make and rather inexpensive, the time consuming element are the embellishments. The larger wreath has six felt roses and few with tulle for an extra softness. For the smaller wreath I used mini cup cake liners. These two wreaths will be going in our bedroom as I redecorate and get things organized. I have made four of these wreaths and am addicted, so I’m sure you will see more!

Moving forward:

This year, my husband and I have decided it is the year of us. We have dealt with some major upsets this past year, and would really like to focus on us, to find our voice, our style and who we want to be as grown ups away from our parents.This will be a challenge is listening to our inner voices and compromise with each other. We are excited to go on more mini vacations and explore our surround area. We have created a list of places to visit, local and out of state. Some of these adventures will be open to photowalks, so stay tuned. I hope to have a list of dates and locations soon.

Stay tuned:

I’m still working on pictures, I did not realize how backed up I had gotten. I’m making progress though, which is very exciting. I love sharing my vision with other people!

Website is coded to my liking skill level , however I’m indecisive about colors and branding so this may be changing. I just think the black is a little to dark for my personality.

Input please:

How was your new years? Any resolutions you would like to share?

Until next time,

Be inspired. Live boldly.