Welcome to my ever evolving events page. As Adventures and Events come up I will add a flickr gallery so everyone can share their photos for browsing or critiquing. Please see the event faq page for more information and guidelines for coming to events and posting images. I hope to see everyone out shooting!

walkinbold: photo adventures 2011:

February 19: Great Falls (upload images)

March 12: National Aquarium

March 26: The Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef

April 3: Cherry Blossoms on the Mall

May 21: National Zoo

May 29: Virginia Arboretum

June 4: Greatfalls

June 18: Roosevelt Island

July 2: Downtown Fredrick, MD

July 23: Baltimore Aquarium

Aug 20: Luray Caverns

September 17: York Fair, PA

September 24: Maryland Heights

October 7-9: Waterford Fair

crafty events 2011:

April 9: Ballston Arts and Crafts Market (every 2nd Saturday through October)

April 16: Handmade Arcade Pittsburgh, PA

June 25: Pile of Craft Baltimore, MD

October 1: Crafty Bastards, DC

December 3: Holiday Heap Baltimore, MD

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