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Macro Monday::Week11

Some facts to start off the week. It is officially Spring, bring on the allergies and wonderful color of budding life. Mutual respect will get you far and lastly, I’m positively in love with the color yellow and the amazing spring time bush, Forsythia.

I ordered some calling cards from @overheardatmoo, and they came in today, two days before I was expecting them. I’m so excited to share them, it will be hard to part with them! I’m so glad I didn’t put a different image on each card, as I would definately not be able to part with them. Photography and Design done by yours truly. Here is a peak…


Be Inspired. Live Boldly.

My Business Cards Tutorial

As promised here is a quick tutorial of how I made my business cards. This being my first tutorial, I had a hard time remembering to slow down and take pictures, however I think I got the key steps covered. I hope you enjoy!


Cardstock, or heavy scrapbooking paper

Glue, I used an all purpose tacky glue

Old paint brush (using to spread glue)

Metal ruler

Exacto knife, or paper cutter

Cutting Mat

Old plastic/vinyl placemat, though scrap paper would work

Round Corner or any edge punch (optional)

Various Stamps, to include business info stamp

Stamping Inks

Heavy books

Embossing Pad, Powder and Heat Gun (optional)

Step 1:

Choose your paper or papers. (I chose two colors of card stock, Curry yellow and Kraft.) Then cut 2 inch strips from each color.

*Thought: Paper-Source carries some precut business cards in various colors to include a few whites, and shimmer options! This tip is if you want to keep the cutting and gluing to a minimum.

Step 2:

Grab your paint brush, Kraft glue, place-mat and strips of paper. Lay down one side of each card and squeeze some glue out onto one strip at a time, spread the glue using your paint brush into a thin layer over the entire strip, to include edges and corners. Then lined up the top sheet strips, pressed it on and placed under a heavy book for flat drying.

While your waiting for your strips to dry (roughly 10 to 15 minutes, oh and now is a good time to clean the glue brush unless you just going to trash it). You may be asking, “why glue two pieces of card stock together?” Here is my answer:  I chose this route after creating some quickly with one sheet of the heavy scrap booking card stock. I found the cards were not substantial enough, for my liking. However, those of you who saw them really liked them, not to mention they were memorable, I think due to the embossing.  I also wanted to include two colors that I could not find in one sheet with the pattern or feel I was trying to go for. If you’re in a pinch or don’t mind a lighter card by all means skip this step if you would like and use a paper cutter, it will speed up your process for sure.

Step 3:

Grab your cutting mat, exacto knife, ruler and dried strips. We will cut the strips into 3.5 inch sections. This will produce the standard business card size and shape. From here feel free to round out the corners or maybe use one of those “punch around the page” (or here) tools on one side. You can find these at either Jo-Ann Fabrics or Michaels.

This detailing, will set you apart from other crafters or business owners while keeping your card the standard size, so it won’t get lost or thrown away. Not to mention it will add that memorable factor!

Step 4:

This is where the fun starts. I have kept my cards fairly simple and minimal, but you can do just about anything here to decorate your card. Stamp away and/or emboss using your brands colors and motifs. For your business information you can buy a “custom print kit” to stamp your information in the back.  * Note: You can find these customizable stamps many places, so shop around. I bought mine at Staples, since it is close to my house.

*Thought: If you are a fabric designer, quilter, stylist basically anyone that handles fabric it may be cool to use scrap fabric for the front of your card! The same gluing technique should work, or maybe spray adhesive. Play around. This idea has a lot of potential, and will provide another layer of texture! (Let me know if you try this one out, I would love to hear your results!!)

*Another Thought: If the idea of making 100 or more of your own handmade business cards, to include gluing, cutting and stamping has you shaking your head or wanting to give up before you start, please bare with me. First, I realize I may be a little crazy, but I love working with my hands and for now, while I’m just starting out, I’m having fun with this whole business card, branding thing. Second, don’t get overwhelmed, here is an awesome solution!

I am absolutely enamored with the lovely moo. You can print a different design on each card. It is super fun, budget friendly, and they have green/sustainable stock!! If you have a few ideas roaming around in your head and don’t know much about Photoshop or are timid to create every detail of your business cards, please check out what moo provides. You could make a few variations that you love, take some high resolution photos and upload your .jpeg file and create your card designs front and even back  to get printed. Even more simple and again if the idea of creating and taking pictures isn’t for you moo has some awesome ready made designs you can browse and choose from then customize the back with your information! They truly make everything simple and the quality is amazing!

Step 5:

After you have stamped them front and back you are pretty much done. They are ready to hand out. Keep in mind these are not laminated, so I would keep them in a case to keep them dry. I hope you have fun with this. While a little tedious, this is totally rewarding when you hand them out and people are amazed.

Also keep in mind you don’t need to make a ton in one sitting. When I have a free hour and nothing to do I make a sheet or two.

I hope you have fun with this or if nothing else the idea gets your creative juices flowing!

Be Inspired. Live Boldly.