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Macro and Haiku Tuesday

With life being so busy lately, mostly with work and feeling under the weather, I had forgotten my new years resolution word, among other things. I’m not sure how I let it slip, this golden ticket of a word is this years saving grace in becoming the person I want to be and the woman my friends and family believe me to be already, despite everything. My word is permission.

Last night while struggling to fall asleep I was hit with this word. Permission; right now, today, and probably for a while it is a word full of nurture rather than just allowance. Therefore, I have come up with my haiku in honor of this amazing word. Warning, the haiku also came to me while I could not fall asleep, at one in the morning, so bare with me.

permission: a smile;

a small breathe, a new outlook

a commissioned friend.

These words are not quite there, but I wanted to share. I hope you enjoy!

For those of you who are wondering what happened to Macro Monday, my answer is, well I do not have a good answer other than I had a horrible Monday. Today was a little better and I was feeling extra creative so when I got home I ventured behind my camera to play around with more color. A new color at that, I was drawn to yellow again, really craving the warmth so I went with…Blue, here it is:

This item was fun to play around with, more textures than I had expected and so many more colors to work with…Love color!

I hope evryones week has started off well!

Be Inspired. Live Boldly.