Personal statement:

We are a multi-faceted existence, all striving for a level of interdependancy while creating dependant bonds. I dream and believe in the seamingly impossible, while keeping a firm grip on reality. Through patience, my perspective gains light and movement. Movement that drives my life ever forward, fast or slow. I am facinated by the ever changing relationships of people and object, and strive to capture every journey through my eyes; to process split second moments and fleating emotions, perception is reality.

Through creativity and love I hope to learn, teach and grow continuously. Documenting the world around me, this is my life.

Be inspired. Live boldly,

Nicole Burmeister


On a more personal note:

I am married to a wonderful and handsome man who is both generous and understanding towards my need to create and build things. Together we have two (insert the adjective of the day) Boston terrier girls, Mambo and Juno. I am a graduate of West Virginia University with a BA in Music. I have also recently finished my Digital Design Diploma from the Art Institute. I’m excited to be done, I have learned a lot of great skills in the area of graphic and web design which I hope to bring forward and utilize here.

I am an eclectic personality who loves all things involving the arts. From music, painting, photography, and drawing to crafting with a hot glue gun, Elmer’s or a sewing machine, you can count me in. I love exploring the web for inspiration, via the stumble button, and recreating what I have found to fit my needs. Every once in a while I have a stroke of genius myself. What is art without inspiration, right?

When I’m not home crafting, or behind my computer, I’m out and about exploring the world, with camera in hand or I am “dun-dun duunn” at work. A necessary evil of the world we live in.

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