events faq

As we meet new people and see new sights we will share images, provide constructive criticism and helpful hints for our next outing. Please feel free to ask questions, and start discussions. Learning photography is a never ending journey. So lets help each other out!

Each walk will have a Facebook event page and a Flickr discussion will be started.

I hope to see everyone out in the field.

As questions come up regarding logisitcs or what this is about please send me a message via facebook or my contact page. A list of common questions will be answered here once they start coming in.

I want this to be seamless and fun for everyone, and hopefully not to complicated.

Please read through these guidelines for meeting sites, posting, and for ease of commenting and organization.


Group guidelines before the walks:


  • If you are new to the group, as in we have  an event coming up and I do not know you,  please invite yourself and click attend on the respective facebook event page. I don’t want to leave anyone behind.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes, clothes that move and clothes you don’t mind getting a little dirty. There have been times when I’ve laid on the ground to get “the shot.”
  • Bring sunscreen. We will move around a lot, most of these walks are out doors.
  • Please bring water and something to eat. Some events will late morning into the afternoon, or will be hot, so come prepared to replenish yourself.
  • In the same breath, make sure your camera cards are clean, and your batteries are fully charged and you have back ups.


Group guidelines after the walks:


  • Please read through all of the rules before uploading images.
  • For organizing purposes due to the limitations of flickr, please upload your images within two weeks of the photowalk.  Also please do not add images if you did not attend the photowalk, but feel free to comment and critique. I have a couple months with two walks so this will help the flow of viewing and commenting.
  • Keep images on topic, safe and PG.
  • Resize your images so the longest side is 800 px at 72 dpi(resolution)
  • If you have a logo or watermark please place it on your images
  • In the title section after uploading please name your files with the  photowalk location and date. (i.e. greatfalls_021911)
  • You may provide a small message about your capture, however this is not required.
  • *If you do not want a critique for what ever reason please note that in the comments section after uploading.*
  • After the uploading time frame is complete I will choose a few representative images to share on the event page on Facebook. Images will be chosen on a variety of factors such as composition or the discussion attached, so it will not be the same for each event, nor will the “best” or “worst” image be chosen each time.



Helpful hints:

– Remember to preserve your straight out of camera (SOOC) image, work in layers or on a copy of your original.

– I use Photoshop, so I’m not sure how this will show up for other applications. I suggest “saving for web” under file, or just choosing .jpg with your quality set at 8. This will yield a little smaller file with out diminishing quality too much. Also in this same area, if you are given a quality option choose “standard” rather than “high resolution.” This will also save you some memory and upload time.




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