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Great Falls and Amazing Crochet

Saturday was my first walkinbold photowalk at Great Falls National Park. It ended up being a small group, Anna, Nate and myself, oh and Luna. I have to say I was very excited to get out and shoot something new! The weather was awesome even despite the 40+ mph winds. Here are a few of my shots:

There will be another event at Great Falls National Park this spring, June 4th to be exact. I can’t wait to go back when the trees are green and more birds are flying around! All around this was a great adventure. The next walk will be at the National Aquarium in DC on Saturday, March 12. Besides viewing the events page you can see who is going or add yourself to events on my facebook page, also feel free to add yourself to the walkinbold flickr group to view and comment photowalk images. If you want more information please see my events page.

Speaking of new events, an exhibit I’m quite intrigued to share and see will be added to the events page for March 26. The Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef, a mouthful to say and a wonderful sight to see. I have been reading about this exhibit since my lovely friend @riesl2 told me about it last night. This crafty display is a temporary exhibit that marries handmade crafts, science and math, color and the ocean in one exhibit! All things I adore, well maybe not the science and math, but they amaze me just the same. I really hope everyone can make it out.


Looks like it is time to get back into crocheting!


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend,


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