Macro Monday::Week11

Some facts to start off the week. It is officially Spring, bring on the allergies and wonderful color of budding life. Mutual respect will get you far and lastly, I’m positively in love with the color yellow and the amazing spring time bush, Forsythia.

I ordered some calling cards from @overheardatmoo, and they came in today, two days before I was expecting them. I’m so excited to share them, it will be hard to part with them! I’m so glad I didn’t put a different image on each card, as I would definately not be able to part with them. Photography and Design done by yours truly. Here is a peak…


Be Inspired. Live Boldly.



Many things have happened in my short years of life, to me, around me, involving me, and about me. When catastrophic events happen, I start counting even the most simple blessings. The sheer magnitude of damage, people lost, loved ones missing, homes demolished, life underwater, drowning in chemicals and fires, and not knowing where you might get your next meal.

Did you donate to help Japan? I’m feeling a little better after purchasing the above poster, but I wish I could do more. While I go about my daily life and complete seemingly mundane tasks, I realize there are many many people struggling, for everything. The pictures and videos are heartbreaking and rather incomprehensible. Something one would think they would only see in a bad movie. I am in awe, in the wake of such tragedy, to learn about how the people of Japan have taken everything in stride, with grace. “Not a single case of looting has been reported, and I haven’t seen any scene of people shouting in anger or banging on the table.” (Restoring Japan’s confidence and it’s people’s big dreams, Ayako Doi-CNN)

I wanted to take this time to share with you some artists that are giving back, and hope you too can share what you can.

Be Inspired. Live Boldly.

Haiku Tuesday

temperamental life-

balance and moderation

who, what, when, where, why?


I wrote this down last week. This speaks volumes to me personally and looking on a worldly scale. Life simply requires balance and moderation.  Equality. Peace. Communication.


Be Inspired. Live Boldly.

Macro Monday::Week 10

Some whimsy and fun for a less than peaceful Monday worldwide. I’m drawn to the asymmetry and sense of chaos that mother nature throws us. Out of every tragedy we learn how strong we really are, as a people, nation and world.

Be Inspired. Live Boldly.

words to live by::

My sentiments exactly!

I’m glad I happened across this! If you click on the image you will be taken to the original artists work. He has a few other simple and to the point messages which I love. I hope everyone has an amazing weekend.


Be Inspired. Live Boldly.

Haiku Tuesday

some days I believe

double rainbows and unicorns;

life is possible

Fun and optimistic this week! I hope you enjoy!


Be Inspired. Live boldly.

Macro Monday::Week 9

I hope everyone’s weekend was fun and your Monday was pain free!

This past Saturday I had the wonderful opportunity to teach the photography station at a local Cub Scouts Belt-loop Bonanza. The day was filled with boys learning everything from good manners and chess to basketball and soccer. I educated two groups on the parts of the camera and the benefits of photography in modern culture. Afterwards, we went outside to practice. The teaching part was fun, the kids learned so fast and were awesome with the technology, as everyone had a digital camera of some sort. I was excited and nervous to teach this station, one, given the age group and two, the relative expense of the common digital camera. It was hard to corral and structure picture taking with 10 or so boys, outside and wanting to go in their own direction. I couldn’t blame them though I tend to wander, not wear my neck strap and climp obstacles with my expensive camera. It is an exciting thing, to capture stills of everyday life. I made it out alive though and no one dropped their camera, plus there was plenty of sharing pictures with eachother. Overall, I enjoyed watching the boys learn and then practice and help eachother out. It was neat to see what they wanted to take pictures of as well. Mostly eachother, but I had a few willing to lay on the ground trying to get a leaf at a new angle, to be different and unique. A great experience!

In honor of the Scouts and to poke a little fun at us professional and hobbyist I have come up with this satirical image. I hope you enjoy!

Be Inspired. Live Boldly.