Many things have happened in my short years of life, to me, around me, involving me, and about me. When catastrophic events happen, I start counting even the most simple blessings. The sheer magnitude of damage, people lost, loved ones missing, homes demolished, life underwater, drowning in chemicals and fires, and not knowing where you might get your next meal.

Did you donate to help Japan? I’m feeling a little better after purchasing the above poster, but I wish I could do more. While I go about my daily life and complete seemingly mundane tasks, I realize there are many many people struggling, for everything. The pictures and videos are heartbreaking and rather incomprehensible. Something one would think they would only see in a bad movie. I am in awe, in the wake of such tragedy, to learn about how the people of Japan have taken everything in stride, with grace. “Not a single case of looting has been reported, and I haven’t seen any scene of people shouting in anger or banging on the table.” (Restoring Japan’s confidence and it’s people’s big dreams, Ayako Doi-CNN)

I wanted to take this time to share with you some artists that are giving back, and hope you too can share what you can.

Be Inspired. Live Boldly.


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