Whoopsie Wednesday

This 52 week project is quickly becoming a challenge. I have found that I do not spill things or make very many messes. I love vacuuming and organizing, crazy I know! So this realization has left me thinking up ways to creatively spill things and work with what I”m given. Hence the previous two weeks I had my husband spill something and then me figure out what to do with it. Tonight however I knew I wanted to use ketchup. Not sure why, I do not typically use the common condiment, with that said other people do. They push it around and slather it on all sorts of foods, which ends up quite messy. Another thing I have noticed is that well loved bottled of ketchup always seem to have a mess under the lid. So I have used this to my advantage tonight. I hope you enjoy the ketchup tree of Heinz.

While creating this masterpiece I stumbled upon this awesome TED video about creativity in schools. It is a little long a bit slow in the beginning but there is some great info and he pokes a lot of fun. I hope you can take some time to watch it. The video makes me wish there were readily available creative schooling options. Anyways, the video gave me a lot to think about and really hones into the upside down-ness of our society and the “need” for education.


Be Inspired. Live Boldly.


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