Musings and Macro Monday:: Week2

This past week I have really been trying to notice my surrounds. Taking note of the colors I surround myself with, the people and their general attitude and the music and how it all effects me. This slow down of my everyday processes has been quite rewarding.

A friend this past week commented on one of my posts highlighting the word “permission.” I had been thinking about coming up with a one word resolution this year but was quite stumped when it came down to it. How does one possibly narrow down a resolution to one word, out of all the amazing words in our language. Over the past couple of days I have come across a couple really neat words. One being “alacrity,” which I’m not exactly sure how to pronounce. Though when I found out the meaning I fell in love, “brisk and cheerful readiness.” If only I could live by this. I have moments, however fleeting of alacrity, but would honeslty love to live this way. It sounds to happy! Anyways, I was kind of resolved to not add this to my plate, however when I read the word “permission” I was sold. The word has quite maleable, it can be as heavy or light as one could want, and in general it encompasses where I am right now in my life’s journey.

Have you ever thought of implementing a one word resolution? What would your word be?


Macro Monday:

I was honestly stumped this week. I’m really trying to take new pictures rather than pull from archives for this weekly assignment. I was bad this past week and left my camera at home a lot. So I did this when I got home, which left me with a small time frame to work with. I’m pleased with what I have come up with. The colors are, in my opinion, awesome. I have been gravitating towards this warm curry yellow and fig color lately. I hope you enjoy! ((Stay tuned for next weeks reveal!!))

I hope everyone is staying warm! It is snowing here and we’re supposed to get ice overnight. I’m sad it is so cold but love drinking hot chocolate!!

Be Inspried. Live Boldly.


P.S. I have posted an update with the reveal for Macro Monday Week1.



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